During Your RTW Journey

Congratulations!  You’ve planned your trip, made necessary preparations, packed your bags, and now you are on your way.  This section of the GoRoundTheWorld.com website will offer tips and tricks for ensuring a successful and enjoyable journey.


Topics to be covered include:


Culture Shock

Second-Guessing One’s Own Decision To Take an RTW Trip


Eating and Drinking

Booking Local Flights, Trains, Buses, Boats, and Automobiles

Staying in Touch with Loved Ones and Associates

Sending Parcels  Home While Traveling

Visas on The Go and Visa Extensions

Modifying Your Travel Itinerary

Your Country’s Embassy, Chancery, or Diplomatic Mission

Embassies, Chanceries, and Diplomatic Missions of Other Countries


Golden Rules of Travel


Periodically during your travels, you should consult some of the government travel advice services which are offered to international travelers.  Links to a few of those websites are provided in the planning section of this website and again at right for your convenience.


After you have finished perusing this section of GoRoundTheWorld.com, the last section will offer advice on reestablishing yourself and your career once you return home.

Government Travel Advice Services

Many governments offer travel advisory services to their nationals.  Travel advisories offer advice on getting visas, problems which may be encountered by travelers, and (if needed) emergency services provided by embassies and consulates throughout the world.   Following are some links to the advisory services concerned.  During your travels it is worthwhile to stay abreast of developments in the countries you will be visiting.




United States

United Kingdom

They Love Group Photographs in India!


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